Need an idea of something to talk about?  Click any of these below…really… nothing bad should happen.

Picture Stuff

I Want

  • A new photo to tape over my drivers license photo, cause the person who took that one was on crack.
  • Ditto, passport
  • Ditto, mugshot
  • A 360 virtual tour of my house, cause I want to sell it or have somewhere for insurance purposes
  • A 360 virtual tour of my business for Google Maps from a trusted Google Photographer (Whoa, sounds too official, but is true…evidently google doesn’t do psych evals to “trust” their photographers)
  • A professional photo shoot of my (Guinea Pig, Cat, Dog, Alpaca, pretty much any pet except snakes, unless I can throw up as I take the pics….man…don’t like snakes that much)
  • To go learn how to take bitching shots of sunsets and such
No Judgement Zone

I Need

  • Just 30 minutes to get something off my chest, to talk to another adult of legal age, and clear my mind about…

(Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, priest, licensed pretty much anything.  I am, though pretty decent at listening, displaying true caring looks and am probably experiencing some short-term memory issues and thus will conventionality forget things that you would rather not be out in the public discussion…)

Seriously, though, if you have an idea, thought, or need a hand with something and do not want to be judged at all, let me show you what a true no-judgement zone looks like.

Nerdy Stuff

I wanna talk about

  • New web-site for a new business
  • Updating my existing site
  • Web-Automating things like cross posting, email opt ins
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Graphic Design
  • The X-Files (original version, cause, duh…)
  • Pretty much anything web nerdy
Write-y Stuff

Seriously, dude…

  • Can you write stuff for me? 
  • Can you write serious stuff for me? 
    • That may be extra, I am sitting with that one
  • I have an idea for a Cat Book, how can I do this?
Assistant Type Stuff *

*But Virtual Assistant, at least until you take showers more often…

  • Whoa, can you send e-mails and stuff for me?
  • I want to ascertain your ESP skills and update my social media / web stuff as I think it up
  • I really need someone other than me to do customer service stuff, because I secretly hate all people, can you help?
  • I invented a widget, but every time I type sell, it auto corrects to cell because I am on my cell-phone about 14 hours per day playing Plants vs Zombies, so could you…um… make people buy my widget for me?
  • I really need a Get Shit Done partner, someone who will make faces at me because I excel at procrastination… we should talk…later maybe

Skype-sult; [skahyp-sahlt]

1: Skype-sult: (noun) a made up word by TräPix to encourage a 30 minute free consultation for anything in the TräPix wheelhouse.

Let’s chat. I am fluent in nerd, sarcasm, dreams, emoji, napkin scribbles and gibberish.  Almost fluent in English, and according to Duolingo, about 5% fluent in Spanish, but I am working on that.

If we are in the same area, I do face to face stuff, but just be aware that over the years I have perfected the 1,000 yard stare as a defense mechanism against getting out of awkward conversations.

If, in fact, we aren’t near each other, or if you have a healthy dose of stranger danger, we can skype (Skype e-mail is FB Message (trahitt) or use for a video conference (you know, in case you want a witness in on the chat too…don’t blame you at all really)

Usually, we can introduce ourselves, ascertain if we make each other want to throw up or not, and find out if what you need and what I can do are compatible.