The I need a Drink Holiday Decanter and Wine Glass Set – Artist Painted Holiday Decanter & 8 Wine Glasses

Because, nothing, and I mean nothing speaks to the holiday season like, I need some peace and a drink, my C&E (Chistmas & Easter) family is coming over and there is a reason we live a thousand miles away.

This hand crafted set is actually very pretty and unique. The decanter holds a bottle of wine, I know, convenient, right? The matching 8 wine glasses are just the icing on the cake. I will let the images speak for themselves.

Each piece is decorated with delicate Poinsettias and a holly wreath, which carves itself deep deep into your parents strict religious upbringing. Only you know that the Poinsettia and Holly are both very toxic and as a bonus, the poinsettia is native to Mexico, so as your uncle that you haven’t seen for year starts spewing his hate you have a full palette of fantasy going with a smile on your face as you ask him if he wants a refill.

Included with this is:

1- Hand painted Decanter
2 – (8) Ikea looking wine glasses that are uniquely hand painted

We purchased this set in 2010 at a holiday fair in Ozona, FL from a local artist. Yes, we were going in to a full-fledged-have-to-decorate-every-square-inch of this 1800 sq ft townhouse for the holidays phase, which lasted about 1 season. After the first year, I made it a point to pull this set out first, fill the decanter with 80 proof sangria and commence to giving no *#%%$ about the rest of the decorating. When not co-enabling my family avoidance techniques, this set was proudly displayed in a china cabinet for the season. I have since changed my name, phone number, address and hair color so my extended family can’t find me, thus I really have no more need for this. That, and we are checking out of the rat race to world school my step-son, and that involves casting away most of our “stuff”

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