If you think that Liberace’s first piano was an 1885 Pleyel Art Grand Piano, you are surely mistaken. Liberace was born in 1919 in Wisconsin, at the foot of the great depression. His first musical instrument was, in fact, his older brother George who had the great misfortune of howling a perfect pitch C sharp when whacked in the right chin or a B flat when whacked on the left with a stick. (A fist bump for everyone out there who just made the connection to the Bugs Bunny cartoon by the way) Once George actually caught on that Liberace was not a runner, his burgeoning human whack a mole musical career was over…what to do now?

Well, piano of course. The King of Rhinestones actually started playing at age 4, but don’t let that dissuade you from starting now. The way I look at it, in 1923 it took about 2 weeks for a piece of mail to get from Wisconsin to Hollywood, whereas today, that same piece of mail, digitized, can make the transit in nanoseconds. What I am trying to say, is that 10 years of hard practice in the early 20th century should roughly equate to about 3 and a half days of immersion therapy with an adequate instrument and a (supplied) Piano For Life Instructional DVD. What you need, though, and there really is no way to get around this part, is a piano.

Oh lucky day for you. We have one that needs a new forever home. It is a 1952 Acrosonic Spinet Piano that has been lovingly tuned and maintained by a professional ever since it was forever re-homed to us. (If you PM and ask, I will shoot you the number of Bob, the Piano guy, who will tell you anything you need to know about it.) This particular piano is in excellent condition, tuned and ready to roll, literally, to you. A few more points, this is the 48″ version, not the 36″ version, and in 1952, the Acrosonics were made with Mahogany. Additionally, this Acronsonic has a full metal backing plate allowing it to hold tune for a long long time. That’s kinda important.

If you are feeling saucy, we are renting a truck this weekend and can bring it to you and help you move it inside, as long as inside is a ground floor. If you are not feeling adventurous, Rex Moving in St Pete has moved this piano before with great success and cheaper than anyone else in the area, call em up and get a quote. (Tell them we are in the 34689 zip code and it is moving from a Ranch with tiled floors) We are asking only $450 for the Piano, and maybe half the truck rental if we can deliver it for you. (Liftgate truck should run us about 80 bucks or so). We are pretty firm on the price, just to let you know. If you want to really channel your inner budding Liberace, I will throw in a box of IKEA Candles that you can place just rightly so on the top of your new-to-you piano.

Please PM any questions. Know that we really do want this to be rehomed this weekend. We are in the midst of selling 95% of our stuff to take off on a worldschooling adventure with the 12 year old in which nothing could possibly go wrong. I double checked with Jet Blue, and confirmed my suspensions that this particular model (which comes in tipping the scales north of 250 pounds) will not, in fact, fit in the overhead compartment of an Airbus A-320, so sadly it can not come with us on our adventure.

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