Create a word document (or even plain text into an e-mail) and send to with the subject line “ENT Site (Your Name).  Include a few paragraphs about yourself.  Be sure that you include:


Styling Information:

1: For Fonts, choose a header (larger font) and paragraph font from the following link:  .  I will choose a high contrast, complementary color for the fonts based upon your color scheme.

2: Background color (if white or black, just say so, all good 🙂 )  Or choose a color from the following link and send the html color code (#xxxxxx)

One Sheet Page:

Biography: Give me a paragraph about who you are.  Additionally, include personal information that may be of interest to casting agents, including age, height, build, hair and eye colors, interesting tattoos, etc.

A list of credits, separated into genre categories, film, TV, Commercials, Web Series, etc.  Ensure to include links if you have them, your role in the production, and the production company if known.

A list of any special or unusual skills you may have.

Video: Send links to any published videos that you have appeared in that you wish to showcase.  With each clip, please send a descriptor of the clip.

Images: If you wish, you can send images (up to 25mb) to  Larger images will be compressed to ensure site runs fast, and will not lose clarity at all.  If you have a large amount of images, open a free dropbox acct at , and create a shared folder to share with  If you upload more than 2gb of images, simply let me know, I will download and remove images from the folder to keep your acct free.

Contact Page:

Preferred e-mail address.
Phone Number (If you wish it to be on the contact page).
Social Media Links.

Image considerations:

I will use a slider on the home page, so pick out your favorite wide angle images, at least 3.