Man sparks fierce debate over ‘squash dilution’ – as some think weaker is better

When pouring yourself a glass of squash, how much do you add and how much water do you dilute it with?

It’s an age-old question and one that seems to divide people, as some will favour a weaker drink, while others are keen to have their squash strong enough to ruin their teeth.

And one man on Reddit has put that question to the people of the Casual UK forum, sparking a fierce debate in the process as people argue back and forth about the “correct” way to make a simple glass of squash.

Sharing a picture of two pint glasses filled with orange squash, the anonymous man asked which of the drinks people would most likely make for themselves – the stronger and more opaque drink on the left, or the weaker and more watery version pictured in the glass on the right.

He titled his post: “Squash dilution debate: right or left?”

Defending the stronger drink on the left, some joked that the weaker version looked like it was made by someone who was rationing their drink supply, while others simply said they need a stronger drink to be able to taste the flavour of the squash.

One person wrote: “Please tell whoever made the right that rationing is over.”

While another said: “Left, as I like my squash almost neat.”

And a third posted: “The right is basically water with fancy colouring. I hate going to friends’ and family’s homes and them serving me 99.8% diluted squash.”

But some were in agreement that the weaker drink was the best, as they said they don’t want a drink that’s too sweet or that has an overpowering flavour.

Someone noted: “I’m a right guy, I like mine weak! Just a splash but extra cold.”

As someone else agreed, stating: “When I was a kid, we’d get one bottle of squash a month. I don’t know if I could handle the rush of the left after that upbringing.

“Just looking at it, I’m getting second-hand anxiety for you that my nan might burst into the kitchen and scold you for using too much.”

The post even sparked a secondary conversation among Reddit users about different squash strengths, as they noted that if the drinks were made with Tesco’s Quadruple Strength squash, then anything more than a teaspoon of concentrate would make the drink far too strong.

One person wrote: “You can buy ‘Quadruple Strength’ orange squash from Tesco now. The instructions say to add one teaspoon to one pint of water!”

And someone responded: “I have it and a fraction too much makes it taste like battery acid or something. You have to use barely anything!”

While someone else stated: “The thing is, we have Tesco’s quadruple juice stuff now and you need the tiniest bit because it’s super strong but looks like one on the right. So we need to know what squash was used to settle this debate.”